Parution - The Econometrics of Energy Systems

Parution d'un ouvrage édité par Jan Horst Keppler, Regis Bourbonnais and Jacques Girod (IRI-Cgemp), aux éditions Palgrave, Macmillan, 2007.

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Twenty years of liberalization have transformed the energy sector. The old energy world of
long-term contracts and personal contacts has changed beyond recognition into a set of
highly competitive markets with instantaneous decision-making much like the financial
sector. Decentralized decision-making by multiple actors creates the necessary
environment for applying econometric techniques. More importantly, the complexity and
volatility of these new markets create strong demand for quantitative analysis and, in
particular, econometric techniques. Written jointly by energy economists and
econometricians, this book offers an introduction to the state of the art in econometric
modelling applied to the most pertinent issues in today's energy markets.


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