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Founded in 1968, Dauphine has, since its creation, always been able to cultivate its singularity.

A selective university, committed to promoting social diversity, backed by strong scientific disciplines and promoting multidisciplinarity, attached to academic excellence and close to socio-economic circles, inserted in its territory and resolutely turned towards the international scene... these are the ingredients that contribute to the success of the educational project carried by our establishment, and to its attractiveness. 

Dauphine is a creative university that showcases the "talents" of its students, for example by offering undergraduate courses for top-level athletes, artists and young entrepreneurs.  

Concerned with always nurturing its programs through research, it is actively involved in educational innovation. It promotes an environment conducive to the students' participation in an intense associative life, but also to the development of their entrepreneurial qualities within the framework of its incubator. 

Dauphine fulfills its role in terms of social commitment. It wants to train inquiring students who are oriented towards thoughtful action so that they can become active, responsible professionals and citizens. It supports a multidisciplinary research policy capable of responding to major social challenges.  

It is a place which is open to the city and promotes equal opportunities, increasingly welcoming students from modest homes. And because housing should not be a hindrance to the pursuit of higher education, it has embarked, through its Foundation, on an ambitious programme to acquire new housing for students. 

As a university with international reach, Paris-Dauphine asserts and structures its position in this field both scientifically and pedagogically, convinced that international experience offers exposure to other ways of thinking and acting, and promotes values of inclusiveness." 

Isabelle Huault
President of Université Paris Dauphine - PSL