Applications and Admissions



Master’s Programs in Organization Sciences

Applications must be submitted through the online application platform. 

If you are a student outside the EU

You must submit your application through the two sites below: 

Application Calendar 2020-2021

Application Session 1


Master's in Economics: 1st and 2nd years 

Master's in Management (and Finance): 1st and 2nd years 

Master's in Social Science: 1st and 2nd years 

Master's in Law as a work study: 1st and 2nd years

Master's in Law: 1st year (excluding work study) 

Master's in Law: 2nd year (excluding the advocacy law and public affairs track as a work study) 

Preparing for the Civil Service Exam (PCA) 


Application Session 2

This only applies to 2nd year Master's students (M2) in the research path or the PCA.

How do you apply for the Master’s in Organizational Sciences?

 Step 1: Submit an application

  • You can apply to a maximum of three programs.
  • You must order your choices by preference. 

We urge you to pay close attention to the application deadline and not wait until the last minute to complete your application on the Mycandidature portal.




  • Dauphine students (including those enrolled in a foreign exchange program at a university that has partnered with Dauphine, or on a remote campus) must select three programs they would want to pursue, and at least one of these must be pre-experience training.
  • A video must be included with your application (details available on the MyCandidature platform).


Step 2: Respond to your admission notice

You are required to confirm your admission no later than 8 days from the date you receive your admission notice. Failure to confirm admission by the deadline amounts to a withdrawal.

Apply for the Master’s in Mathematics and Computer Science

Please note: You will be sent a response within a maximum period of 2 months from the closing date of your application session. 

If you are a student outside the EU

You must submit your application through the two sites below: