Asset Management: Master's Year 1

Program Objectives

The first year of the Master's program is focused on helping students acquire the background knowledge and skills required to meet the program's learning objectives in the following areas: tax law, economics and finance, and asset management tools. In the second year, they broaden their education by taking courses that prepare them for a variety of potential careers: Wine asset management, the art market, private asset management, medium and long term investment in Europe.

Program objectives:

  • This Master's program prepares students to become wealth and asset management specialists providing investment advice on matters such as financial assets, real estate, taxation, inheritance, and marital property systems for private clients over the course of their lives.
  • Understand the legal and taxation concerns in France and abroad pertaining to asset creation, management and transmission (planning, savings, retirement), matrimonial property and family rights, private and professional estate planning, life insurance and retirement planning, fund selection, investment strategies and real estate management, financial evaluation of real estate and other kinds of assets such as art or wine. Students are trained to decode and simplify the financial, legal, and fiscal environments for their clients and to guide them through their investment options.
Types of education
Work-based training
ECTS Credits
60 credits
No work-based training
Type of Diploma
Diploma from a major institution conferring the Master's degree
Academic Year


  • Frédéric GONAND

    Teaching assistant

    Director of the 1st year of the Master's degree

  • Caroline DESREUMAUX

    Teaching assistant

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