Tuition & fees

2023-2024 Academic year

These fees are national fees set by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, or fees voted by the University's Board of Directors.

Tuition fees

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Sciences
  • Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Double Bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence

Master’s Degrees

  • National Diplomas
  • Grand Etablissement (DGE) Degree Programs

Magistère Degrees

  • Magistère in Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • Magistère in Management Sciences

PhD Programs

  • PhD Programs

Gap Year

  • Grand Etablissement Degrees
  • National Diplomas

University Diplomas

  • University Diplomas

Graduate Programs

  • Graduate Programs


  • Certificates

Repeating a year of studies

  • Repeating a year of studies

Waiver of fees

  • Waiver of fees

Executive Education

  • Executive Education

Additional services

  • Additional services

Methods of payment

  • Methods of payment

Central Contact Education

  • Central Contact Education

Bachelor's Degrees