Tuition & fees

2024-2025 Academic year

These fees are national fees set by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, or fees voted by the University's Board of Directors.

Tuition fees

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Sciences
  • Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Double Bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence

Master’s Degrees

  • National Diplomas
  • Grand Etablissement (DGE) Degree Programs

Magistère Degrees

  • Magistère in Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • Magistère in Management Sciences

PhD Programs

  • PhD Programs

Gap Year

  • Grand Etablissement Degrees
  • National Diplomas

University Diplomas

  • University Diplomas

Graduate Programs

  • Graduate Programs


  • Certificates

Repeating a year of studies

  • Repeating a year of studies

Waiver of fees

  • Waiver of fees

Executive Education

  • Executive Education

Additional services

  • Additional services

Methods of payment

  • Methods of payment

Central Contact Education

  • Central Contact Education

Bachelor's Degrees