Human Resources Management

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This module introduces students to the key concepts of Human Resource Management and its role in the wider business, both from an operational and strategic point of view.
The key objectives and learning outcomes are as follows:

1) Appreciate the key principles and roles of the HRM department in a business
2) Understand the contemporary challenges in HRM such as – health & safety, employee wellbeing, effective restructures, organisational change and global business trends.
3) Understand how HRM can aid the strategic leadership of an organisation in terms of its key functions – recruitment, remuneration, training and development, appraisal and performance management, career development.
4) Address the key issues and practical aspects of HRM by using relevant theory and concepts to explore organisational behaviour.

Description du contenu de l'enseignement :
The module will guide students to understand the development of Human Resources Management (HRM), its operational aspects and the more strategic elements. The potential for HRM to really build a business is very real and we will explore the levers that a company can use to leverage full employee engagement, which in turn can increase productivity, profits and employee satisfaction. We will explore the relevant theory behind key organisational issues and learn what the key drivers are to successful organisations.