Ects : 6
Compétence à acquérir :
This course’s objectives aim at giving a general overview of Marketing, developing its main concepts, methodologies and practices. It will provide an overview of the classical concepts whist covering actual up-to-date strategic challenges for future marketing or brand professionals in the new eras of
glocalisation and sustainability. This basic introductory course will be an excellent starting point for students who wish to pursue a Master in Marketing, as well as those who wish to understand the fundamentals of this subject.

The specific
objectives of this course are the following:

Understand what marketing is and is not
Discover the components of a marketing strategy as well as of the marketing mix
Understand the importance of ethics while practicing marketing activities

skills that you must acquire during this course are the following:

To be able to do a marketing analysis (at the market and the consumer levels)
To develop and implement a consistent marketing strategy
To make relevant marketing decisions under time and competition pressure

The course will consist of theoretical lectures (class topics detailed below), enriched with in-class discussions based on exercises and analysis of appropriate case studies / examples.

These concepts will be applied to an end-of-term group project as well as through a virtual simulation game called MARKSTRAT.