Principles of marketing management

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The objective of this course is to present the main concepts, methods and practices of marketing. Seen through an EU lens, this course targets students who wish to choose a major in MSG2, as well as those who wish to understand the role of marketing in an enterprise and master its principles, without necessarily choosing marketing as a career.

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Course Description:
Part 1: presentation of market research methods and of the logic behind marking strategy (segmentation, targeting, positioning).
Part 2: presentation of the basis of marketing mix, that is the different levers that a marketing manager will use to achieve the positioning and to stimulate sales of a product/service, essentially with a short term perspective.
Part 3: presentation of wider and more transversal issues: client management (recruitment, loyalty and retention, etc.), control of marketing activities, strategic marketing (sectorial analysis, innovation and internationalization), more specific marketing practices (marketing the arts, sensory marketing of a point of sale, etc.) as well as a reflection on ethical issues and responsibilities in marketing.

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