Current Issues in Bristish and Amercian Politics

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Volume horaire : 18
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This course aims at developing students’ awareness of the main political issues at stake in the United Kingdom and the United States today. A presentation and analysis of the two political systems will be followed by discussions of current political problems. The course involves the students’ capacity to apply their knowledge in sociology and political science to contemporary political issues, while enhancing their oral and written communication skills in English.

Description du contenu de l'enseignement :
The course will deal with the analysis of political institutions and issues in the UK and the US. It will begin with an introduction to politics, and for each country, an introduction to the main institutions and constitutional features. A landscape of the main political parties and people’s political choices will be presented. Finally some contemporary issues will be the focus of our attention – social movements, ethnic votes, nationalism etc.
Students will be asked to prepare each class with readings (articles, book excerpts) and videos (film extracts, TV series and programs, news reports). Classes will comprise short lectures, analysis of case studies, discussions and debates. Comparisons will be drawn between other countries such as France.

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