Social Network Analysis

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This course is an introduction to social (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and business networks as contemporary phenomena. Students will acquire basic theoretical concepts and methodological skills for the analysis of social capital and its effects on careers, reputation, stress, economic performance, social movements, politics, etc. for individuals and organizations. The course will include an introduction to social networks and network visualization and an introduction to current knowledge on social capital and for individual and organizational networks in social life, business life and the economy.
1. The origins of Social Networks Ideas and Practices * Simmel’s heritage and influence * A structural approach: patterning of interaction * Number and groups * Elementary structures. Triad the structural level?
2. SNA in the USA * Moreno (1889-1974) * First Harvard Thrust * Isolated Attempts * The renaissance at Harvard : Harrison White
3. A connected world? Small world theories * 6 degree of separation * Contemporary application on the social network sites * Sociological approach to social network sites
4. Social Capital * Various origins : Coleman; Putnam; Bourdieu * Structural approaches : Strength of weak ties, Mark Granovetter; R. Burt, Structural holes
5. Economic networks * Embededdness : Polanyi’s legacy; Embeddedness in economic sociology * The paradox of embeddedness * Structure vs Culture? a false question other form of embeddedness (Zelizer and cultural etc.)
6. Analysis

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