Cross-cultural management

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Volume horaire : 18
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Teaching objectives

o Helping students to acquire an
analytical methodology of comparing management models, practices and methods with
national cultures

o Enlarging
theories and their proper
practical adaptability to professional everyday life situations

o Helping students to acquire a
metacultural global understanding of management issues.

Description du contenu de l'enseignement :
As already aware of intercultural problematic, students of such a curriculum will increase their knowledge and mastery of intercultural management applications, in discovering new thematic dealing with:
o How to compare cultural values and managerial practices
o Multicultural teams building, decision settling, motivation, leadership, authority, conflicts, working organization
o The challenges of Intercultural in front of, on one side the so called “globalization “and on the other the fact of “Glocalization”.
o Understanding cross-cultural management in China
This deepening of the matter will contain specific tools to allow students to prepare to decide, anticipate global and local managerial issues and evaluate potential synergies that building multicultural teams must initiate.

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