Economic Sociology

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"Readings in Socio-Economics" is a first and foremost a seminar in which you will read (a lot) and discuss about economic power. There is no technical prerequisite, except from your willingness to engage in challenging readings. Drawing from institutional economics, political economy, political science and sociology, we will discover how social scientists have studied the domination exercised by large corporations over their workforce and over other companies (session 2 to 6), as well as the the influence of dominant firms and high-net-worth individuals upon other domains of human activities that have their own logics – especially politics (sessions 7 to 9). Eventually, we will tend to collectively assess HBS Professor Zuboff’s claim about the development of what she coins "
surveillance capitalism" (sessions 10 to 12). Grading will be based on the average of two reading assignments (random pick) and one collective work on part 1, 2 or 3 of
The Age of Surveillance capitalism. All the texts (and the documentary movie) will available on MyCourse and by emails (pdf or epub formats).