Anglais écrit à distance

Ects : 3

Enseignant responsable :


Volume horaire : 90

Description du contenu de l'enseignement :

Research work on the host country, its politics and public views on the environment (using press reviews, videos, books and other media)

Questionnaire with host country locals and analysis of results

Interview of politician, businessman or environmental activist

Overall personal assessment of the situation and ideas on raising awareness

Work around business themes based on recent articles from the international press (Different Types of Market / Location, Size and Growth / Students, Money and Business / Types of Business / Principles of Business / Motivation at Work / Online Business / Business Management / Portrait of a Successful Business / Money and Banking / Industrial Relations / EU Trade / International Trade / Stock Exchange and Share Issues) and around business documents (business letters, emails, CVs...)

Study of targeted and technical vocabulary around the business themes followed by consolidation questions and reinforcement of English grammar rules through lessons and exercises

Coefficient : 1

Compétence à acquérir :

Raising awareness of global environmental issues

Compiling and synthetising information through research and field work and elaborating on digital practices through the creation of a blog

Contributing to increase the visibility of Magistère de Sciences de Gestion, Paris-Dauphine university and PSL

Reinforcing and broadening written comprehension and expression skills in English in a professional context

Increasing familiarity with the English-speaking press in the business field

Acquiring technical vocabulary in professional English and consolidating knowledge of English grammar as well as addressing potential weaknesses

Mode de contrôle des connaissances :

100% course work (essays, questionnaire analysis, interviews, articles)