Economie du numérique

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Volume horaire : 21

Description du contenu de l'enseignement :

- Economics of information.

- Networks effects.

- Governance technologies.

- New business models & Platforms.


This course aims at teaching the fundamentals of the economics of the three pillars of the digital transformation. Digital technologies allow, first, to generate and market information goods at a very large scale. Second digital technologies are characterized by strong network effects that depends upon both interdependences among components and networks topology. Third digital technologies allow to substitute capital for labor in governance, changing its very nature and allowing radical innovations. The specificities of the marketing of information goods, of network effects and of digital governance explain pricing and competitive strategies in the digital era, as well as the essence of digital business models and their variations.

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Compétence à acquérir :

- Principles behind the production, marketing and valuation of goods and services intensive in information and knowledge.

- Understanding of the interactions between socio-economic and technical phenomena in the Internet era/Understanding processes of organizational changes supported by digital technologies.

- Analytical methods to analyze and develop sustainable business models.