CIMA - Stratégie financière

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Relier stratégie et contrôle. Relier management et contrôle. Relier organisation et contrôle.

Financial Strategy CIMA F3 deals with the key elements in designing and managing the organisation’s financial strategy, in the context of contributing to achieving the organisation’s objectives and within its external constraints, such as the general regulatory and investment environment. The features and implications of the full range major financing instruments are covered. A broad range of types of investment decision is also covered and it is recognised throughout that such decisions need to take account of broader strategic issues as well the financial analysis.

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Désigner le système de contrôle. Faire face aux enjeux de l'entreprise au 21ème siècle. Devenir un contrôleur busines partner

- Formulation of Financial Strategy, Financing Decisions and Investment Decisions and Project control

- Integrated reporting

- Development of Financial Strategy

- Equity Finance

- Debt Finance

- Capital structure

- Dividend policy