Developing communication skills for a better transformation

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- Strategic customer management (SCM)

- Market-driven organizations and customer-centricity

- Customer relationship management vs. Customer experience management

- Customer strategy development

- Value co-creation, multi-channel integration and customer experience management

- Information systems and technologies for customer management

- Performance assessment processes

- Organizing for CRM / CEM implementation.


According to Payne and Frow (2013), “relationship marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) can be jointly utilized to provide a clear roadmap to excellence in customer management”. Based on this conviction, the Strategic Customer Management course shows how an holistic approach to managing relationships with customers and other key stakeholders leads to increased shareholder value. Taking a practical, step-by-step approach, the students will learn the principles of relationship marketing, apply them to the development of a CRM strategy and discuss key implementation issues (value co-creation, multi-channel integration, customer experience management (CEM), information systems and technologies for strategic customer management, performance assessment, organizing for implementation).


The objective of this course is to equip the students with a sound foundation of strategic customer management concepts and best practices to implement SCM successfully for long-term profitability: Developing a customer strategy – Developing superior value propositions and maximizing customer lifetime value - Integrating channels / touchpoints and delivering great customer experiences - Choosing the right information systems and technologies for managing customers - Assessing the performance of customer-centric initiatives (CRM and CEM) - Implementing a customer strategy.

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