Geopolitics & Business

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The goal of this course is to introduce you to the key concepts and main themes in contemporary geopolitics with a business perspective. Geopolitics is defined as the study of the influence of geography – human and physical – on politics and international relations. Since it takes into account the effects of a lot of different factors, such as territory, demography, or resources, and often goes beyond geography to consider other aspects like economics, sociology or history, this approach can be useful to analyze today’s current events. This field of study can notably be applied to business, which has become increasingly international with the expansion of world trade. We will therefore explain how geopolitics can be used as a strategic decision-making tool by companies, allowing them to gain insight into their complex ecosystems and assess the many risks and opportunities they face.

During the course, we will first define geopolitics and strategic intelligence. We will then present main globalization challenges which will be examined and discussed through different examples covering various geographies and industries in the light of current events. More specifically, the program encompasses the following points:

A. Geopolitics, a Concept

B. Actors Involved in the Quest of Power: Who They Are? What They Want? What They Do?

C. Space and Time Considerations in Geopolitics

D. Strategic Intelligence: Geopolitics Applied to Economics

E. A Dive into Business

F. Geopolitics of Today: The Powerhouses

G. Geopolitics of Tomorrow: The Playgrounds

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By the end of the course, students will be able to:

- Define the concept of geopolitics and understand its evolution/importance towards business

- Gain an overview of the main globalization challenges faced by multiple political/economical actors in various geographies/industries

- Apply strategic intelligence methodology to analyze a company’s risks and opportunities and predict evolution of its business in a specific geopolitical context

- Elaborate on events we are currently witnessing and explain how they relate to the big picture, i.e. geopolitics