AMF Certification (On line course)

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Description du contenu de l'enseignement :

The AMF General Regulation requires investment services providers to verify that persons exercising certain functions under their authority or on their behalf have a minimum level of knowledge in 12 areas relating to the regulatory and ethical environment and financial techniques.


The AMF Certification is an online course proposed by an institution certified by the AMF. The M2 104 gives the possibility to follow it and to validate the exam, during the second semester.


Content of the certification:

- Know the general principles of banking and financial law

- Identify the role and operation of the various financial actors

- State the main principles of French financial regulation

- Master the fundamentals of the monetary and financial code and the general regulations of the AMF

- Understand and explain the rules on client protection and the legal and ethical framework governing financial transactions,

- Know the different means of payment and describe their main characteristics: cards, checks, transfers, direct debits.

- Inform a client about the different types of financial instruments

- Distinguish the different types of financial instruments used by customer

- Know the organization and role of financial markets

- Ability to read business financial statements

- Get an overview of tax rules for businesses and individuals