Economie politique des institutions et de la réglementation

Ects : 3

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Volume horaire : 21

Description du contenu de l'enseignement :
Teacher : Eric Brousseau

  • Economics of Market Failures: Public Goods, Externalities, Natural Monopoly
  • Incentives and Contractual approaches to Regulation
  • Political Economy of Regulation
  • Dynamics of Institutions

Objectives :
This course proposes an overview of the economics of regulation and highlights how political games shape the way governments regulate market and industries. It discusses how institutions are built, both to explain their very nature and the way they evolve. This leads to highlights the non-market dimension of firms strategies, since various stakeholders attempt to influence the design of their institutional environment.

Coefficient : Parcours Recherche : 4 ECTS - Coefficient 4<br /> Parcours Professionnel: 3 ECTS - Coefficient 3
Compétence à acquérir :
  • Get an understanding of the political and institutional games shaping markets and industries
  • Present the main tools relied upon by regulators of network industries
  • Understand the main insights from incentives, contract and institutions theories
  • Identify the key practical issues when regulating networks industries and competition