International Politics

Ects : 3

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Volume horaire : 18

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In this class,

students are not allowed to use their computers and smartphones

. (Only students with special needs will be allowed to take notes with their computers). It will allow us to create an environment of focus and interaction.


This class aims at providing students with an approach of international stakes as social facts. More than an introduction to international relations, a socio-historical approach will be used to grasp the political dimension of the « international », in an approach focused on actors and North-South circulations. Among the themes studied are State-expertise in the North-South relations, Wars and International Peace Missions, Transnational Social Movements, Terrorism.

Coefficient : 1

Compétence à acquérir :

- Knowledge of the main International organizations and transnational actors in the World System

- Deep knowledge of both Northern and Southern case studies of international politics

- Mastering of classical texts of international relations and written skills of synthesis

- Oral skills of presentation and debate.