Anglais B : Oral and written communication skills

Ects : 3

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Volume horaire : 36

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Oral and written communication – MSO M1


In this class we will cover several aspects of oral and written communication and work on academic skills, strategies of argumentation and negotiation, business-oriented communication and intercultural communication.

The students will work on five language skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking to an audience and interacting. We will use articles, audio extracts, videos as well as grammar and vocabulary exercises.

We will work in groups of different sizes depending on the activities. The activities will include summaries, essays, skimming and scanning, research, debates, negotiation, speeches, case studies, writing a resume or a cover letter, business correspondence, role plays,…

Coefficient : Coefficient 2 (Master Economie et Finance)<br /> Coefficient 0.5 (Master Affaires Internationales et Développement)

Compétence à acquérir :

Compétences académiques, méthodologiques et langagières seront travaillées pendant le cours en groupes et individuellement.

Mode de contrôle des connaissances :

Graded assignments will include :


presenting a short news show


presenting a group project


participation/commitment to the class which includes attendance, class participation, homework and submitting one written assignment in the semester (essay, summary, synthesis, cover letter or business correspondence).


a final exam which will consist of vocabulary and grammar exercises on language points we will have covered in class + a written task (business correspondence, cover letter, synthesis, summary or essay).