Anglais E : Pop Art and consumer society

Ects : 3

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Volume horaire : 36

Description du contenu de l'enseignement :

Half of the course will deal with the general topic of consumption and society through the social and economic aspects of consumerism today and in the future, along with its representation in art, literature or in other fields. The changes and the challenges linked to consumption and consumerism in all fields will be tackled. The other half of the course will introduce students to American popular culture and more specifically to Pop Art from 1956 to 1970 and its link to British and American culture and society. The course will explore a selection of Pop Art works, films and literary texts that focused on the new consumer society and used it as their subject. We will examine the materials they used and the styles of their creations, and whether the artists chose to celebrate or criticize their newfound muse.

Coefficient : Coefficient 2 (Master Economie et Finance)<br /> Coefficient 0.5 (Master Affaires Internationales et Développement)

Compétence à acquérir :

The class aims at improving your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills in English and developing your cultural knowledge and critical expression in relation to the theme of consumerism in society and its representation in art, literature and film, with a particular focus on the Pop Art movement.

Mode de contrôle des connaissances :

Oral presentations, class participation, debates, group work, written essays

Bibliographie, lectures recommandées

A bibliography will be given in class. Excerpts of texts by historians, art critics and specialists, along with interviews of artists will be given in class.