Conflict transformation and management

Ects : 3

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Volume horaire : 18

Description du contenu de l'enseignement :

The class is conducted by two teachers, one being an invited professor from UCL, London, UK.


Histoire des études et des sciences pour la paix (Peace Studies).

History of Peace Studies


Introduction à l'analyse, la gestion et la transformation des conflits.

Introduction to the analysis, management and tranformation of conflicts.


Approches systémiques.

Systemic approaches


Introduction à l'aide à la décision.

Introduction to decision aiding.


Outils d'aide à la décision et cartes cognitives. Arbres de valeur.

Decision Aiding tools, cognitive maps and value trees.


Multi-organizational conflicts and the example of policy-making


The contribution of Design Theory and C-K Theory for generating innovative alternatives


P-KCP: a C-K Theory based tool for supporting problem formulation and the design of innovative alternatives


Toolkit and working examples for generating innovative alternatives for conflict transformation

Pré-requis recommandés :

Notions sur les modèles formels. Notions sur la théorie des graphes.

Notions of formal models and graph theory.

Coefficient : 0.5

Compétence à acquérir :

Distinguer entre gestion destructive et constructive d'un conflit.

Distinguish between destructive and constructive conflict management.


Comprendre l'importance d'une approche systémique.

Understand the importance of a systemic approach.


Savoir utiliser des outils formels d'aide à la décision pour la transformation des conflits.

Start knowing the use of formal decision support tools for conflict transformation.


Conceptualize problems in case of multi-stakeholders conflictual settings


Generate innovative alternatives within a decision making process thanks to a practical toolkit

Mode de contrôle des connaissances :

Rapport professionnel de deux pages sur un conflit existent avec des indications de transformation. Utilisation des cartes cognitives


A two pages professional report about an existing conflict introducing ideas for transforming it. Use of cognitive maps.


A report (approx 2000-2500 words) about the application of P-KCP to design innovative strategies for a highly conflictual case study

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