International Business – 233 - 2nd year of master's degree

Les objectifs de la formation

By combining lessons and professional experience, the International Business program aims to provide students with international management, project management, new technologies and digital innovations knowledge and skills, allowing them to do business in an increasingly global and digital environment.

The International Business is a unique, 2-year, 120 ECTS PSL Master’s program (Grade Master) in international business management, with a concentration on digital projects. The program trains brilliant, open minded students, future managers who want to pursue a distinguished international career and to make a difference.

A Corporate-Oriented Program

  • An International Dauphine-PSL Master highly regarded by companies;
  • Apprentice students work in large, International corporations and innovative startups;
  • More than 20 companies trust the International Business year after year; 50% of courses taught by company executives.
  • Support is provided to find your apprenticeship including speed dating with companies; 90% of apprenticeships signed before September.

An International Experience

  • A unique, international curriculum with three key topics: International Management, Digital Technology Management, Project Management,
  • 2 International Field Trip experiences: conferences, company visits, meeting with international MIB Alumni in London (optional) and in Asia.
  • 100% of classes taught in English by national and international professors; about 40% foreign students in the program; academic exchange opportunities.

Régime(s) d'études
Formation initiale
Crédits ECTS
60 crédits
24 semaines
Pas de stage en alternance
Capacité d'accueil
Type de diplôme
Diplôme de grand établissement conférant le grade de Master
Année universitaire

Et après Dauphine ?

2 mois

Durée moyenne de recherche d'emploi

96 %

Taux net d'emploi

42 000

Salaire médian