International Business & NCT Projects (MIB) – 233 - 2nd year of master's degree

L'année de formation



Formation année universitaire 2020 - 2021 - sous réserve de modification

Modalités pédagogiques

The program is offered in “apprenticeship” or “formation initiale”. It will run over a period of 15 months, from September to the end of November of the year N + 1. The program is delivered entirely in English.

Two tracks are offered:

Apprenticeship Track:
The apprenticeship track combines lessons and a practical experience through the apprenticeship. The schedule is as follows:

  • September: full time at university,
  • October to the end of March: Monday-Wednesday in a company, Thursday-Friday at university,
  • April to the end of November: full time in the company,
  • May: Study trip abroad (7 to 12 days)

Non-EU citizens can apply to this program ONLY if they are currently enrolled in a French university/school or holding a carte de séjour. Please check:

“Formation Initiale” Track:
The “formation initiale” track offers a program of courses followed by an internship. The restrictions of the apprenticeship track do not apply. Students who have completed an M1 at Dauphine may participate in academic exchanges abroad within this track.

  • 1st semester: full time at university,
  • 2nd semester: full time at the universityOr academic exchange abroad at one of Dauphine-PSL’s partner universities (eligible students – academic records and langage requirements).
  • Followed by a 6-month internship in an international context.

Students from all track are eligible to the optional summer-program in London before the start of the program (fees apply).

Stages et projets tutorés

The program includes apprenticeship and internships in accordance with the objectives of the program. In either track, the students are accompanied by 2 advisors (1 from the University and 1 from the company).
  Students in the “formation initiale” track must complete an internship abroad or in an international context, for a minimum of 6 months.



Des programmes nourris par la recherche

Les formations sont construites au contact des programmes de recherche de niveau international de Dauphine, qui leur assure exigence et innovation.
La recherche est organisée autour de 6 disciplines toutes centrées sur les sciences des organisations et de la décision.

En savoir plus sur la recherche à Dauphine