Herrera Araujo Daniel - CV


Herrera Araujo Daniel

Maître de conférences


My research interests are on Empirical Industrial Organization, Health Economics and Environmental Economics.



Florez Acosta J., Herrera Araujo D. (2020), Multiproduct retailing and consumer shopping behavior: The role of shopping costs, International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol. 68

Herrera Araujo D., Mikecz O., PicaCiamarra U. (2020), Placing a monetary value on the human health component of zoonotic diseases- A methodological note with an application to cysticercosis in Africa, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, vol. 175

Herrera Araujo D., Hammitt J. (2018), Peeling back the onion: Using latent class analysis to uncover heterogeneous responses to stated preference surveys, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 87, p. 165-189

Herrera Araujo D., Shaywitz B., Holahan J., Marchione K., Michaels R., Shaywitz S., Hammitt J. (2017), Evaluating Willingness to Pay as a Measure of the Impact of Dyslexia in Adults, Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, vol. 8, n°1, p. 24-48

Rheinberger C., Herrera Araujo D., Hammitt J. (2016), The value of disease prevention versus treatment, Journal of Health Economics, vol. 50, n°December 2016, p. 247-255

Herrera Araujo D. (2016), Folic acid: a public health challenge?, Health Economics, vol. 25, n°9, p. 1104-1122

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