Fighting climate change and protecting nature

Conférence du Master Finance - Financial Markets - 203 organisée dans le cadre des House of Finance Days (conférence en anglais)

Fighting climate change and protecting nature: can Sustainable Finance be one of the solutions?

Climate change, biodiversity loss, natural resources depletion, pollutions of all kinds and origins, Covid-19 crisis.
We are facing real and urgent environmental challenges. All the financial sector largely communicates about its awareness on these issues and the sustainable finance sector is growing at an unprecedented pace.
During this conference, we would like to raise some questions regarding the ability of the financial sector to bring real solutions to these complex challenges. Sustainable Finance, what are we talking about? Is/can Finance an adequate answer to these long-term issues? What are the impacts of Green Investments? Are we able to measure them? Is the classical risk/return model still appropriate to this kind of investments? How to introduce the idea of utility? Should we move towards more binding regulations? Faster?
To try to answer to these complex questions, we will gather some cutting-edge experts coming from various horizons: bankers, economists, asset-managers, investors, regulators all having a long-term involvement on these subjects.



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Date : jeudi 11 mars 2021
de 19h00 à 20h30
Lieu : En ligne