Interdisciplinary Seminar 'Algorithms & Society' with Pr. Philipp Hacker

"Beyond incompatibility : trad-offs between mutually exclusive fairness criteria in ML and Law"


Prof. Philipp Hacker LL.M. (Yale)

Philipp Hacker is Professor of Law at the European University Viadrina (European New School of Digital Studies) and holds the Chair of Law and Ethics of the Digital Society.

He collaborates with machine learning specialists and has co-published numerous multidisciplinary articles on algorithmic fairness and European regulation.

About ISAS

The Interdisciplinary Seminar ‘Algorithms and Society’ (ISAS) focuses on the societal, legal, political and economic issues related to the development of algorithmic decisions. It aims at confronting the perspectives brought by the different specialists, by emphasizing the definitions of the key concepts and by supporting the interdisciplinary exchanges between social sciences, data science and artificial intelligence specialists.   

Conveners :
Thierry Kirat (IRISSO) & Alexis Tsoukiàs (LAMSADE) from Université Paris Dauphine - PSL

This seminar is part of the interdisciplinary research program Dauphine Numérique

Publié le 21 avril 2023