Seminar Gender, Behavior and Decision-Making with Anne Boring

New session of the online Seminar "Gender, Behavior and Decision-Making" by The Women & Science Chair of Université Paris Dauphine - PSL.

The next session of the seminar « Gender, Behavior and Decision-Making » will take place Tuesday the 12th of December from 5 pm to 6 pm both in room D at Paris Dauphine and online (Teams). The Teams link will be provided in due time.

We will have the pleasure to listen to Anne Boring who will present “Social desirability bias in attitudes towards sexism and DEI policies in the workplace”, with Josse Delfgaauw. 


Anne Boring is Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. She also heads the Women in Business Chair at Sciences Po. Her research focuses on gender issues in higher education and the workplace. In her current work, she measures the impact and effectiveness of policies aimed at improving gender diversity in positions of responsibility, as well as the obstacles to implementing these policies. Her work also focuses on gender bias in educational evaluations, and gender differences in higher education choices. Anne Boring defended her thesis at Paris Dauphine University in 2012


Do workers speak their mind about sexism and about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies in the workplace? We measure social desirability bias regarding sexism and DEI policies using a list experiment survey among workers from five male-dominated industries in France and in the US. In both countries and, remarkably, among both men and women, we document substantial social desirability bias. Managers exhibit a larger bias than non-managerial employees. This difference between voiced and real attitudes may make organizations overestimate support for DEI policies in their workforce, rendering such policies less effective.  

About the Women & Science Chair  

The Women and Science Chair at Université Paris Dauphine-PSL, in partnership with the L’Oréal Foundation, Generali France, La Poste, Talan, Safran and Amundi seeks to engage and foster interdisciplinary approaches to analyzing the causes and consequences of the underrepresentation of women in careers in scientific research and academia. 

The Women and Science Chair is member of the UNESCO chairs network.  

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Date : mardi 12 décembre 2023
de 17h00 à 18h00
Lieu : Salle DOrganisé par : The Women & Science Chair