The French response to the Covid-19 crisis: An IMF analysis | Replay

Analyse de Jeffrey Franks, directeur du FMI - Bureau Europe (conférence en anglais)

France has been one the European countries most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and has consequently faced one the largest economic shocks. The webinar hosts Jeffrey Franks, director at the International Monetary Fund Europe Office. He presents the latest views of the IMF on the crisis, the French authorities’ response, and policies needed to create a more inclusive, green, and productive economy in the post-pandemic period. 

Jeffrey Franks is Assistant Director of the IMF’s European Department and mission chief for France and Austria. In more than 25-years at the Fund, he has held numerous other assignments, including Director of the IMF offices in Paris and Brussels, heading the resident offices in Ukraine and Ecuador, and leading teams on Pakistan, Romania, Belgium, and Paraguay. He received his Ph.D. in Political Economy and Government from Harvard, and has Master’s degrees from Princeton and Oxford universities.

Replay of the live conference


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Date : mercredi 10 mars 2021
de 16h00 à 17h00
Lieu : En ligne