Webinar "Do Female Role Models Reduce the Gender Gap in Science?"

6th session of the online Seminar "Gender, Behavior and Decision-Making" by The Women & Science Chair of Université Paris Dauphine - PSL.

The next session of the seminar « Gender, Behavior and Decision-Making » by The Women & Science Chair will take place on Tuesday the 12th of April from 5 pm to 6 pm at Dauphine university (room A709) and online on Teams (link below).


Registration is mandatory for participants who are not from Dauphine but wish to come to Dauphine to attend the seminar

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We will have the pleasure to listen to Thomas Breda (CNRS, PSE) who will present « Do Female Role Models Reduce the Gender Gap in Science? Evidence from French High Schools » (joint with Julien Grenet, Marion Monnet and Clémentine van Effenterre)

Thomas Breda is associate professor at Paris School of Economics, full-time junior researcher at CNRS, and director of the programme Employment and Labour at the Institute for Public Policy.

His research aims at developing new ways of measuring inequalities in the labor market and investigating their social and institutional causes. He is interested in three types of institutions in the broadest sense: gender norms, worker representation systems, and labor taxation. His research is published in international journals such as Science, PNAS, the Economic Journal, or the AEJ: Applied and as books or articles in French.

Informations Pratiques

Date : mardi 12 avril 2022
de 17h00 à 18h00
Lieu : Salle A709