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Yu-Cheong Yeung T., Zhu D. (2022), Intercity ridesharing to the rescue: Capacity flexibility and price stability of BlaBlaCar during the 2018 French railway strike, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, vol. 164, p. 270-290

Zhu D. (2021), The Limits of Money in Daily Ridesharing: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Rural France, Revue d'économie Industrielle, n°173, p. 161-202

Zhu D. (2017), More generous for small favour? Exploring the Role of Monetary and Pro-Social Incentives of Daily Ride Sharing Using a Field Experiment in Rural Île-de-France, Communications & Stratégies, n°108, p. 77-97

Communications sans actes

Ballarini M., Zhu D. (2023), #ArtInfluencer : Impacts of online cultural content consumption using networks analysis and quantitative data collection, 8th EIASM workshop on managing arts and cultural organizations, Innsbruck, Autriche


Zhu D. (2022), Ridesharing: Its potential, challenges, and future in France, GovReg

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