« Experiencing Commons and Communalism » 4e Dauphine Phenomenology Workshop

Keynote “Intersubjectivity, sociality, community” (Dan Zahavi) suivie de la table-ronde "Uncommon Commons: When Artists Create Heterotopias"

La 4e édition du Dauphine Phenomenology Workshop (DPW) de Dauphine Recherches en Management (DRM, Université Paris Dauphine - PSL) aura pour thème « Experiencing Commons and Communalism ».

" In the context of this workshop, we would like to open up the meaning of commons and communalizing and discuss their sensible, experiential, relational and phenomenological dimensions (Cunliffe and Coupland, 2012; Cunlife and Coupland, 2013; Mazis, 2016; de Vaujany, 2019; de Vaujany 4and Aroles, 2019).
For example, how is communalizing an embodied and inter-corporeal practice? If communalizing is political, how is it manifestedin public space? What are the ways to account for the experiences of the commons? How do commons connect to such ideals as nature and human life in harmony with nature as in classical forms like the pastoral? How are shared experiences narrated and transmitted throughout time as both forms of traditions and patterns of intention to move towards renewed experiences? What conducts our judgement in finding in this live experience the sources of sound strategic choices?
Empirical and theoretical contributions are invited, including those exposing critical views ofpractices of commons.
Examples can include grazing land, open source code, open sciences, citizen sciences, cooperative movement, maker movements, craft, pastoral strategy, among others.

Dan Zahavi (University of Oxford and Copenhagen University) and Jérôme Melancon (Regina University) will be our keynote speakers. Our workshop will also host a great panel "Uncommon Commons: When Artists Create Heterotopias" with astonishing artists and researchers: Jean-François Auguste, Madeleine Louarn, Jean Bigot & Elen Riot."

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Date : vendredi 25 septembre 2020
de 8h45 à 17h30