Big data and digital economy - 2ème année de master

Les objectifs de la formation

Training future young international managers to the challenges of data intensive business models and organizational processes based on «machine learning» and «artificial intelligence». The program is dedicated to the acquisition of skills in digital management and strategies in the digital age. Targeted students are young graduates engineers, economists or lawyers wishing looking for a management expertise to participate to the development of their company with an organizational environment confronted with digital issues and data.

Skills Acquired :

  • Designing an effective data governance
  • Building data visualization for business
  • Leveraging the value of users (User generated Content and Customer as a resource)
  • Designing a data driven business model
  • Critical thinking about the potential and limit of Artificial Intelligence and algorithms
Régime(s) d'études
Executive Education
Formation initiale
Français et Anglais
Crédits ECTS
60 crédits
Stage non obligatoire
Capacité d'accueil
Type de diplôme
Diplôme de grand établissement conférant le grade de Master
Année universitaire