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My research interests lie in the fields of development microeconomics, in particular agricultural production, gender, conflicts and access to health.

I investigate agricultural production investment decisions of farmers and technology knowledge diffusion in rural Uganda with the East Africa Dairy Development project initiative. I am currently the Project Investigator in charge of the impact evaluation of the Sahel Women Empowerment and Demographic Dividend (SWEDD) initiative in Mali, a women's empowerment project. Together with Sikandra Kurdi (IFPRI) we are assessing the impact of the current civil conflict in Yemen on trust and cooperativeness of people participating in the Social Fund for Development program. I study the mesurement of violence experience against women and against individuals in times of conflict with an international and interdisciplinary network of researchers thanks to the GDRI MOV (Mesurer et Observer les Violences) grant. Finally, together with Mary Di Santolo (Uni Dauphine), we are assessing the impact of reservation quotas for women in India and female labour market participation.

I enjoy teaching Development Micro-Econometrics to second year Master students, as well as Micro-econometrics and Stata to first year Master students at Dauphine.



Bertelli O. (2020), Food security measures in Sub-Saharan Africa. A validation of the LSMS-ISA scale, Journal of African Economies, vol. 19, n°1, p. 90-120

Bertelli O., Calvo T., Lavallée E., Mercier M., Mesplé-Somps S. (2020), Measurement and observation of gender-based violence and conflict-related violence in developing countries, Dialogue, n°57, p. 8

Prépublications / Cahiers de recherche

Bertelli O. (2019), Investing in Agriculture when it is worth it. Empirical evidence from rural Uganda, DIAL Documents de travail, 29 p.

Bertelli O. (2016), The more the merrier? Adjusting fertility to weather shocks, PSE Working Paper, 61 p.

Bertelli O., Macours K. (2014), Food security and agriculture in developing countries: measurement and hypothesis for impact evaluations, FOODSECURE Working papers, 56 p.

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