Publications de la chaire

Working Paper Serie

  • Gresse C. & Marin H. (2024). “Learning by Doing in Crowdlending Auctions”. Consulter l’article
  • Hervé Alexandre & Charlotte Eli (2024). “Rate Discovery in Decentralized Lending”. Consulter l'article
  • Sylvain Carré & Franck Gabriel (2024). “Security and Efficiency in DeFi Lending”. Consulter l'article
  • Juan F. Imbet & Javier Gil-Bazo (2023). “Tweeting for Money: Social Media and Mutual Fund Flows”. Consulter l'article
  • Gresse C. & Marin H. (2021). “Geographical-Proximity Bias in P2B Crowdlending Strategies”. Consulter l’article
  • Bertucci L. (2021). “Incentives on the Lightning Network : A Blockchain-based Payment Network”. Consulter l’article
  • Chemla G. & Tinn K. (2020). “How wise are crowds on crowdfunding platforms ?”. Handbook of Alternative Finance. Consulter l’article

Discussion Paper Serie

  • Koklian Woo, "An institutional change approach to the China Banking reforms (1949 to 2019)". Consulter l'article 

Projets de recherche internationaux

Finance décentralisée & Blockchain

Contract Enforcement and Decentralized Consensus : The Case of Slashing. Consulter l’article
He Zhiguo                      University of Chicago 
Jiasun Li                        George Mason University

An Economic Model of Consensus on Distributed Ledgers. Consulter l'article
Hanna Halaburda             New York University
He Zhiguo                       University of Chicago 
Jiasun Li                          George Mason University

Token Trading in Decentralized Markets. Consulter l’article 
Alfred Lehar                    University of Calgary 
Christine Parlour              Berkeley University

An Empirical Analysis of Decentralized Exchanges    
Thomas Lambert            Rotterdam School of Management
Daniel Liebau                 Rotterdam School of Management and Singapore Management University
Peter Roosenboom         Rotterdam School of Management

Decentralised Finance and Automated Market Making: Predictable Loss and Optimal Liquidity Provision. Consulter l'article
Álvaro Cartea               University of Oxford
Fayçal Drissi                 Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Marcello Monga            University of Oxford

Yield farming for liquidity provision. Consulter l'article
L. Schönleber               Collegio Carlo Alberto and University of Turin
A. Papanicolaou            North Carolina State University
T. N. Li                           New York University
S. Naik                 

Does Market Efficiency Impact Capital Allocation Efficiency? The Case of Decentralized Exchanges. Consulter l'article
E. Lyandres                    Tel Aviv University
A. Zaidelson                    SCRT Labs, Israel

Predictable Losses of Liquidity Provision in Constant Function Markets and Concentrated Liquidity Markets. Consulter l'article
Álvaro Cartea               University of Oxford
Fayçal Drissi                 Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Marcello Monga            University of Oxford

Inclusion and Democratization Through Web3 and DeFi? Consulter l'article
Lin William Cong                Cornell University S.C.
Ke Tang                               Tsinghua University 
Yanxin Wang & Xi Zhao        Xi'An Jiaotong University School of Management

Implied Impermanent Loss: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Decentralized Liquidity Pools. Consulter l'article
L. Schoenleber               Collegio Carlo Alberto and University of Turin
A. Papanicolaou             North Carolina State University
T. N. Li                           New York University
S. Naik                           Equalto

Channel cost minimization in the Lightning Network and its implications for the network structure. Consulter l’article
Huberman Gur                    Columbia Business School
Guasoni Paolo                     Dublin City University
Shikhelman Clara                Chaincode Lab

Conflicted Analysts and Initial Coin Offerings. Consulter l'article
Andreas Barth               Saarland University Saarbrücken
Valerie Laturnus            Goethe University Frankfurt
Sasan Mansouri             Goethe University Frankfurt
Alexander F. Wagner     University of Zurich

On the demand for programmable payments. Consulter l'article
Maarten van Oordt        VU Amsterdam   
Charles M. Kahn            University of Illinois 

The DeFi Dilemma
Stefan Voigt                   University of Copenhagen
Nikolaus Hautsch            University of Vienna
Aron Bodisz                    Vienna Graduate School of Finance

Liquidity transformation in staking economies
Alfred Lehar                    University of Calgary
Christine Parlour              UC Berkeley

Decentralized and Centralized Options Trading: A Risk Premia Perspective
L. Schoenleber                 Collegio Carlo Alberto and University of Turin
A. Andolfatto                    Bocconi University
S. Naik                            Collegio Carlo Alberto and University of Turin 

Auditing smart contracts
Evgeny Lyandres               Tel Aviv University
Wayne Landsman              University of North Carolina
Edward Maydew                University of North Carolina
Daniel Rabet                     National University of Singapore

Restoring the Incentive Compatibility of Optimistic Blockchain Mechanisms
Jiasun Li                           George Mason University

The Impact of Real Estate Tokenization on Housing Markets
Donghwa Shin                   University of North Carolina
Patrick Augustin                 McGill University

Intelligence Artificielle

Discrimination in Machine-Learning Credit Scoring: from Detection to Mitigation. Consulter l’article
Perignon Christophe            HEC
Hurlin Christophe                Université d’Orléans

Machine Learning in Mortgage Lending: Possibilities and Pitfalls
Dr. Philip Kalikman          University of Cambridge
Mr. Ernest Miller               Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Pr Daniel Rockmore         Dartmouth University        

AI-assisted Managerial Decision-Making and Learning CSR Objectives     
Lin William Cong           Cornell University
Murillo Campello            Cornell University 


ESG and Crowdfunding Platforms. Consulter l’article
Cumming Douglas.         Florida Atlantic University
Vismara Silvio                 University of Bergamo
Michele Meoli                  University of Bergamo
Alice Rossi                      University of Bergamo

Governance and Success in U.S. Securities-Based Crowdfunding. Consulter l'article
Douglas J. Cumming         Florida Atlantic University
Sofia Johan                       Florida Atlantic University and University of Aberdeen Business School
Robert S. Reardon            Florida Atlantic University

Crowdlending, Self-Employment, and Entrepreneurial Performance. Consulter l'article
Douglas J. Cumming         Florida Atlantic University
Ahmed Sewaid                  MBS College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Early contributors, cooperation and fair rewards in crowdfunding. Consulter l'article
Beal Sylvain                            Université de Franche-Comté
Deschamps Marc                    Université de Franche-Comté
Refait-Alexandre Catherine    Université de Franche-Comté
Sekli Guillaume                    Université de Franche-Comté


Debiasing Data for Values-Aligned Investment    
Jillian Grennan              University of California, Berkeley
Roni Michaely                Hong Kong University

SMEs Amidst the Pandemic and Reopening: Digital Edge and Transformation. Consulter l’article
Cong Lin William                Cornell University
Xiaohan Yang                     Cornell University
Zhang Xiaobo                     Peking University

Robo-Advice, Risk-Taking, and Investors’ Emotions
Milo Bianchi                     Toulouse School of Economics
Marie Brière                    
Amundi and University Paris-Dauphine
Franca Glenzer                HEC Montreal

Conférences académiques