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  • Chemla G., & Tinn, K., "How wise are crowds on crowdfunding platforms ?". Handbook of Alternative Finance. Read the article 
  • Bertucci L., "Incentives on the Lightning Network : A Blockchain-based Payment Network". Read the article
  • Gresse C. & Marin H., "Geographical-Proximity Bias in P2B Crowdlending Strategies". Read the article
  • Juan F. Imbet, Javier Gil-Bazo, "Tweeting for Money: Social Media and Mutual Fund Flows". Read the article
  • Sylvain Carre & Franck Gabriel, “Security and Efficiency in DeFi Lending”'. Read the article
  • Hervé Alexandre & Charlotte Eli, “Rate Discovery in Decentralized Lending”'. Read the article

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