Health Care, Social Aid, and Disability Services

Health Care and Social Aid for Students

The university offers healthcare services and support to enrolled students, in particular by having new students complete a physical. 

  • A nurse is available to provide care, listen to their concerns, or refer them to a doctor. The infirmary is open every day from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. 
  • A physician is available to offer medical advice related to sports, diet, contraception, STIs, smoking, etc. 
  • A counselor is also available by appointment to help students with their personal problems. 
  • The university offers social assistance to students with temporary financial problems. Aid requests are evaluated by the social assistance review board, which meets every two months.  
  • There is a social worker from CROUS to help students who are experiencing social, family, or personal issues. She can also help students to complete the form for an exceptional financial aid request or to locate housing

Social Security and Health Insurance 

Students are required to enroll in social security. To get better healthcare coverage, you may be eligible for an insurance plan.  

There are two options for healthcare plans:  

  • SMEREP: Center 617 – Service desk: (+33) 01 56 54 36 34  
  • LMDE: Center 601 – Service desk: (+33) 09 69 36 96 01  

Foreign students should contact the central education office to learn about social security coverage options. 

Disability Services at Dauphine - PSL

Université Paris Dauphine - PSL does everything it can to enable students with disabilities to succeed in their studies at Dauphine - PSL and then enter the workforce.  

In order to guarantee equal opportunity, the Disability Services office accommodates students with disabilities and supports them in securing employment. The department also sets up study arrangements for the entirety of a student's program, while helping them integrate into college life and implement their career plans. This support is provided in coordination with academic departments, Preventive Medicine, and other university services.  

The Disability Services department is part of the university's policy of social responsibility; it is also consistent with the French bill enacted on February 11, 2005 to promote equal rights and opportunities.  

Key Figures 

  • 2004 – the year Disability Services was established at Dauphine - PSL.  
  • 139 – the number of students offered support from Disability Services in 2018-19.  
  • 45 – the number of part-time employees hired in 2018-19 for instructional assistance, note taking, and exam support. 

Campus Accessibility in Ile-de-France 

On the Porte Dauphine campus, students with reduced mobility can easily access the building using an access ramp located at the main entrance on boulevard Lannes. 
Parking spots located near the lower-level elevators are reserved for these students, and a free parking pass is available on request from Disability Services.  

All classrooms are accessible to students with reduced mobility. The large Edgar Faure Lecture Hall is equipped with audio induction loops for hard-of-hearing individuals. 

A study room (B046 on the main floor) with accommodations, and equipped with special furniture and equipment, is available to students receiving support from Disability Services. Since 2015, work-group room C657 has been reservable, with priority given to students with disabilities.  

At the Léonard de Vinci university center, all lecture halls, classrooms, the restaurant, and the resource center are wheelchair-accessible.  

The campus of Institut Pratique du Journalisme does everything possible to adapt instruction to students with disabilities, using software, sign-language interpreting, etc.