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What is your apprenticeship tax used for?

  • To raise our students' employability and facilitate their immersion in businesses
  • To participate in strategic, interdisciplinary projects, such as Dauphine Digital, Dauphine Durable, and House of Entrepreneurship.
  • Support the renovation of the original campus and help to provide modern and connected classrooms  


Nicolas Roubeix

Work-Study at HSBC

Your path :
The Master's in Finance - Investment Banking and Markets

Martine Carré-Tallon

Director of the Magistère in Banking, Finance and Insurance at Dauphine

Mathilde Renoux

Director of Sourcing Strategies and Academic Relations in France, CARREFOUR Group

Martine Carré-Tallon

Director of the Magistère Degree in Banking, Finance, and Insurance

Charline and Estéban

Students in Year 1 of the Master's degree in Accounting - Control - Auditing