Social Responsibility of the University

Build tomorrow’s university, open to the world and responsible

Dauphine wants to educate students who are curious and thoughtful, and who will become active and responsible professionals and citizens, mindful of the environmental, social, and ethical consequences of their actions and their decisions. 

With this ambition in mind, Dauphine has made the University's Social Responsibility one of its major strategic objectives since December 2016. It is committed to the Principles for Responsible Management Education and has chosen to apply for the DD&RS label to make this approach a priority for the university, to better anchor it in its operations and to mobilize the entire community, teachers, researchers, administrative staff and students. The Dauphine Durable program launched in October 2019 reinforces this strategy with an ambitious project that is focused on education, research, and the global functioning of the university. 

Our commitment is structured around six main areas, each with significant achievements and goals for the future.