Dauphine Foundation

Supporting the progress of higher education and the outreach of Dauphine

Since its creation in 2008, the Dauphine Foundation has been financing strategic and innovative projects thanks to donations from individuals and companies. 

Inspired by a vision of excellence and solidarity for the university, the Foundation supports Dauphine in: 

Through its actions, the Foundation supports Dauphine's three main areas of development: creativity, international development, and social responsibility. 

To make a donation and take advantage of tax benefits*, please visit www.fondation-dauphine.fr/don 

An ambitious fundraising campaign 

In March 2019, on the occasion of Dauphine's 50th anniversary, the university and its Foundation launched an unprecedented fundraising campaign

Its objective? Raise 50 million euros between now and 2024 to help Dauphine strengthen its creativity, its international profile, and its social responsibility, and thus assert its position as a European leader in organizational and decision-making sciences. 

Alumni, students, parents, staff: everyone can contribute to this philanthropic endeavor according to their means. 

*By supporting the Dauphine Foundation, you benefit from tax deductions: 

  • 66% of your donation is deductible from Income Tax (up to 20% of taxable income); 
  • 75% of your donation is deductible from the Tax on Real Estate Assets (within a limit of 50,000 euros); 
  • 60% of your donation is deductible from Company Tax (up to 0.5% of revenues).