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Dauphine Durable

A program that aims to develop structured initiatives within the university community regarding environmental issues.


As part of its social responsibility policy, the Université Paris Dauphine-PSL is setting up the "Dauphine Durable" Program aimed at developing structural initiatives within the university community concerning environmental issues, as well as more broadly the objectives of sustainable development (OSD) set by the United Nations. 

The values of social and environmental responsibility are indeed increasingly at the heart of the expectations of students and staff. The mission of a university like Dauphine is to train economic managers and public decision-makers who are aware of their responsibilities, and capable of measuring the social and environmental consequences of their decisions. 

To meet these expectations, an ambitious project is being developed in the areas of education, research, and the overall functioning of the university: Dauphine Durable

The courses

The university offers Dauphine students, whether undergraduate or graduate, specialized or generalist courses on environmental issues, social responsibility and the challenges of sustainable development. 

Specifically, this is about: 

  • Developing an SPOC at the Master’s level that is committed to social responsibility. This SPOC has been open since 2019-2020 to Master’s degree students in their gap year; 
  • Offering a certificate in Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility at the Master's level, open to students from the various courses who are likely to complete a generalist course with this specialization; 
  • As of September 2020, making it mandatory for all L2 students to attend a series of lectures on climate, bringing together natural and social sciences. 

In addition, professional training programs partially or fully integrate the challenges of sustainable development in order to train managers specialized in this field. 


A large number of researcher-professors and researchers at Dauphine address issues of the environment, climate, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR). They aim to encourage the development of multidisciplinary research on these subjects, associating different laboratories, gain visibility and support the development of ambitious international projects on the subject. 

In addition, Dauphine supports the setting up of seminars and the organization of scientific events to present the work carried out on the issue of sustainable development in all the laboratories, and to establish multidisciplinary teams of researchers. In addition, doctoral contracts are being focused on the themes of sustainable development and social responsibility in order to increase the attractiveness of these subjects for young researchers. 

Life at the university

Dauphine durable is also reflected in the policy conducted on the operation of the university, its environmental impact and working conditions. 

The Sustainable Development Fund

A Sustainable Development Fund supports RSU projects initiated by students or staff. Co-financed by the Foundation and the university, this fund operates through requests for proposals. The first request for proposals was initiated in October 2019.