Dauphine Housing Department

The Housing Department supports you in your searches and assists you with your formalities.

How to make a housing request

I have a disability (with administrative recognition from the MDPH - departmental center for persons with disabilities)

Contact us by email

We will do our best to offer you housing suited to your needs.

We can provide adapted housing for people with reduced mobility at the Saint-Ouen Louis Dain, Saint-Ouen Liberté and La Défense Arena residences.

Important: to access appropriate transport between the residence and the Porte Dauphine campus, contact the MDPH.

Reduced mobility access to the Porte Dauphine campus from:

  • Saint-Ouen Louis Dain (around 60 minutes):
    - Getting to the T3B (16 minutes)
    - Tram T3B from Angélique Compoint to Porte d'Asnières - Marguerite Long (11 minutes)
    - Bus 341 from Porte d'Asnières - Marguerite Long to Ternes - Mac Mahon (11 minutes) 
    - Bus PC - Ternes Mac Mahon to Porte Dauphine (10 minutes)
    - Important: from end 2023 to early 2024, the T3B line extension to Porte Dauphine will save you 20 minutes
  • Saint-Ouen Liberté (around 50 minutes):
    - Bus 174 from Saint-Ouen RER to Landy-Martre (8 minutes)
    - Bus 341 from Landy-Martre to Ternes - Mac Mahon (24 minutes)
    - Bus PC from Ternes - Mac Mahon to Porte Dauphine - Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny (10 minutes)
  • Dauphine Arena (around 60 minutes):
    - Bus 163 from Nanterre Préfecture RER to Porte de Courcelles (40 minutes)
    - Bus PC from Porte de Courcelles to Porte Dauphine - Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny (18 minutes)

At the same time you should also schedule an appointment with: