Choosing your program

A high level of requirements and quality of diplomas

Specializing in organizational and decision-making sciences, Dauphine offers eight areas of training in management, finance, economics, law, social sciences, mathematics, computer science and journalism. Depending on the field, courses are offered from the bachelor's to the master's level and spread over five doctoral programs. In addition to initial or apprenticeship training, a specific program is dedicated to continuing education for executives and managers.

By enrolling at Dauphine - PSL, you are joining Université PSL and its community of 17,000 students. With PSL, you gain
access to an unparalleled scientific, artistic, literary and cultural education. From the Bachelor’s degree to the PhD, PSL’s course offerings span every field of knowledge in the Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Engineering and the Arts. They are intended for students of all backgrounds who display high levels of potential, with the goal of equipping them to excel. Your co urses are being provided by Dauphine - PSL, while your degree will be issued by Université PSL.