Student Clubs

Student Clubs

Three types of organizations with a registered address at the university and receiving financial support under clear rules

  • About 40 general-interest clubs assemble students engaging in humanitarian, cultural, athletic, civic, and festive projects intended for all students in the university. 
  • Over 60 trade associations, typically in Master's 2nd year, organize events to promote the industry's image and foster graduating-class cohesion. They focus on building connections with the network of recent alumni. 
  • The Dauphine Alumni Association seeks to enliven the community of former students and alumni by offering this group more opportunities to get in contact and exchange with one another, as well as by making their career paths more visible. The association organizes many events throughout the year. 


Cultural Activities

A goal of the university is to educate managers to be open to culture. To that end, it supports the initiatives of student organizations, develops partnerships with major institutions, and offers a variety of activities on campus while facilitating access to cultural events

  • Student organizations: 
    Groups like ACD (Dauphine cinephiles), Ridau - Théâtre à Dauphine (theatre company), Lab Photo, and L’Oreille (music) put on events all year round. The highlight is Dauphine Art Days, which takes place every March. The Dauphine - PSL Bureau des Arts and the La Plume newspaper entered the cultural association scene in 2013. 
  • Partnerships with key institutions in Paris and three orchestras, with support from Fondation Dauphine, the Centre Pompidou, the National Museum of the Middle Ages, the RMN-GP (Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais), and the Musée du Luxembourg, the OCUP (Orchestre et chœur des universités de Paris): Two concerts in the year, the PSL Orchestra and Choir.
  • There are workshops, e.g. drawing, open to students and university staff.