PSL University

Dauphine is a component establishment of PSL, alongside 10 other prestigious Parisian establishments within this university center created in 2010.

Dauphine significantly contributes to PSL through active involvement in:  

  • research – through fruitful collaborations like the PRAIRIE Project, a certified 3IA (Interdisciplinary Institute of Artificial Intelligence) started at Dauphine in 2019; 
  • education – 50% of PSL students attend Dauphine, which contributes to the rich offering of programs ranging from the undergraduate to the doctoral level; 
  • and the development of support services (SMS), including the internal training program, sports, and housing. 

In today's highly competitive world of higher education, Dauphine can, crucially, leverage its membership in the PSL group to strengthen its international appeal. Similar to the coalition of the Sorbonne, the University of Paris, and Paris-Saclay, PSL constitutes a major institution possessing scientific potential on par with large cities such as London or Boston. 

PSL – Impressive Rankings

1 st

among French universities in the QS and THE rankings

4 th

among universities under 50 years old in the QS and THE rankings


Best Millennium university (THE)

Dauphine Within PSL