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A center of documentary excellence

The Service Commun de la Documentation (SCD, Common Documentation Service) of the Université Paris Dauphine - PSL is engaged in the acquisition and conservation of documentary resources for higher education and research, the production of scientific information and the dissemination of knowledge (in particular through interlibrary loans). 

  • As an associated center of the National Library of France, a library associated with the GIS COLLEX (Collections of excellence) and a member of the LIBER (Ligue des bibliothèques européennes de recherche, League of European Research Libraries) association, it is involved in an on-going reflection on the development of services to researchers (in terms of access to resources, open access publications, research data, etc.) in France and the European Union. 
  • It coordinates the negotiations of electronic resources in economic and management sciences for the institutions in the COUPERIN consortium, and as such participates in the projects of the ISTEX initiative. 
  • It also actively contributes to the network of the EBSLG, which promotes cooperation between librarians of the most important business schools in Europe. 

The Library serves students and researcher-professors interested in its collections and provides access to a wide assortment of documentary resources in digital format to contribute to the research, information, and learning activities of its users. 

It also actively participates in the valorization of the university's research: by administering the “Base de publications des enseignants-chercheurs “(Researcher-Professors Publications Database) or BIRD, it contributes to raising the international visibility of Dauphine's research. 


Our services

Literature search assistance 

Librarians are available at the information desks to assist you in your research, and offer: 

  • Visits and group training upon request of the course directors 
  • Literature coaching : personalized appointment upon request 
  • QoRAiL: remote Question and Answer service