FAQ - Toolbox

FAQ - Toolbox

Before beginning your search

  • Demand for housing in Paris and the surrounding area outstrips supply

FAQ for students enrolled for the year

  • What services are offered by the Housing Assistance Office?
  • If I register with the Housing Assistance Office am I guaranteed to find housing?
  • I am a Crous scholarship holder, how do I access housing?
  • What is the lease term for a studio in a Dauphine residence?
  • Can I choose my residence?
  • What happens if you have no housing to offer me at the time of my request?
  • Can I request a housing share with my friends?
  • What type of housing do you offer and at what price?
  • What will be included in my housing unit?
  • Which documents do I need to submit when I make my housing request?
  • When and how do I make rent payments?

Securing housing without using the Housing Department

  • Securing housing in a student residence without using the Dauphine Housing Department
  • Housing with a private landlord
  • Apartment shares
  • Affordable housing
  • Housing with a host or inter-generational family

Practical housing information

  • Housing aid
  • Housing deposit
  • For those in need of emergency housing
  • Financial hardship
  • Legal aid

Rental terminology

  • Lease
  • Guarantor or bond
  • Costs
  • Notice period
  • Housing deposit
  • Inventory
  • sq. m (square meters)

Useful contacts

  • Useful contacts