New Program - PhD Research Track

The Master in Quantitative Economics allows interested students to engage in the PhD Research Track of the PSL Graduate Program in Economics

The PhD Research Track is a 2-year training (M1 Quantitative Economics – Master 2 Quantitative Economic Analysis track) for students who plan to pursue their PhD studies. In addition to validating all the courses included in the M1 Quantitative Economics and then the M2 Quantitative Economic Analysis, being enrolled in the PhD Research Track asks for a research internship in a research center attached to a university, an international organization, or an administration in M1 or M2. The objective is to allow interested students to have a first experience in a research environment as early as the Master's degree.

The fact of having followed the PhD Research Track will be considered as an asset by the PSL SDOSE Doctoral School's Admissions Committee when examining applications, in particular for a doctoral contract (3-year financing of a PhD thesis).

Publié le 13 janvier 2021